Kicking off the World Cup

On July 13, 1930, Uruguay claimed a 4-2 at victory in their capitol, Montevideo, over rival Argentina in the first ever FIFA World Cup championship game.

The game’s first goal was scored at 12 minutes by Uruguay’s Pablo Dorado. Argentina claimed a 2-1 lead after goals were scored by Carlos Peucelle and Guillermo Stabile. Pedro Cea, Victoriano Iriarte and Hector Castro each scored one goal before the final buzzer to give the host country the final victory.

The Adidas Golden Boot was presented to Argentina’s Stabile after he scored eight goals in four matches. Argentina was named runner up, followed by the United States and Yugoslavia.

In recent months, FIFA has become a subject of public scrutiny due to corruption allegations and allowance of slave labor in Qatar. Allegations led to a Swiss probe into the organization’s makeup and the resignation of recently reelected president Sepp Blatter.

According to this CNN article, at least 81 reports of suspicious financial activity have been filed and 15 officials have been arrested and charged. Executive corruption is leading to investigations has taken credibility from the organization originally formed to give countries the chance to compete on the soccer field (or football if you are not from the United States) between meetings to keep the competitive spirit and it has been tainted by the money hungry individuals who have found their way into its embrace, but maybe, this is a new beginning for the international sporting organizations.


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