Buehrle’s perfect game

On July 23, 2009, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle joined an exclusive club including like Cy Young and Sandy Koufax when he became the 18th pitcher to throw a perfect game.

Buehrle threw 116 pitches and struck out six batters at Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field with 28,036 fans in attendance. The Sox claimed a 5-0 victory over the visiting Tampa Bay Rays.

Shortstop Alexei Ramirez threw ball grounded by Jason Bartlet to first baseman John Fields for the game’s final out.

Over 200,000 major league games have been played in over 135 seasons and there have 23 pitchers who have thrown perfect games. The perfect game is a game where a pitcher, or combination of pitchers prevents all opposing batters from reaching base. This includes hits, walks and being hit by a pitch.

National League pitchers who have thrown a perfect game since Buehrle are Philadelphia Phillie’s Roy Halladay and San Francisco Giant’s Matt Cain. American League pitchers are Oakland Athletic’s Dallas Braden, Chicago White Sox Philip Humber and Seattle Mariner’s Felix Hernandez.

Buehrle said this about the game, “It felt pretty good, it was just so hot I got a little lightheaded those first couple of innings.”


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