Cy Young

On July, 2, 1968, Chicago White Sox pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm was the first to break Cy Young’s record for most games played as a pitcher when he stepped on the mound for the 907th time.

The record breaking appearance took place at home where the Oakland Athletics claimed a 1-0 victory. Wilhelm was the closing pitcher, playing only in the ninth inning. The losing pitcher was Tommy John and Jim Nash walked off with the win.

Wilhelm began his 21 season career at age 29. He was  drafted in 1952 by the New York Giants. He previously showed promise by playing with several minor league teams. Throughout his career, he played for the Baltimore Oriels and Atlanta Braves among other teams. Wilhelm’s career ended in 1972 with the Los Angeles Dodgers when he was 49.  Wilhelm won an outstanding 54 percent of the games tallying 1,070!

Wilhelm broke numerous records and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985. Before playing in the majors, Wilhelm represented the United States in the military and was awarded a purple heart in 1964.

Currently, the pitcher with the most major league appearances is Jesse Orosco (1,252), Wilhelm is sixth (1070) and Cy Young is 23rd.


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