Patterson V Jackson II

On July 29, 1957, defending champion, “The Gentleman of Boxing,” Floyd Patterson stepped into the ring at the Polo Grounds in New York for a World Championship rematch against Tommy “The Hurricane” Jackson.

Jackson, coming back from being defeated the previous year by a vote, was ready to take his turn as champion. Jackson’s manager Cus D’Amato thought it could come down to a vote again if the fighters lasted long enough. Patterson was accompanied by manager Lippe Breidbart.

This was the first year in eight that the event was not promoted by the International Boxing Club. Instead the event was sponsored by a dress maker, Emil Lence, who had a “love of the fight game’s excitements.”

Patterson was favored with 5-to-1 odds that made bookmakers hesitant to let people place bets. In the end Patterson had 22 knockouts and Jackson had 13.

The technical knockout took was at 1:52 in round 10 of a possible 15. The judges were Joe Agnello and Bill Recht. The referee for the math was Ruby Goldstein. The fight captivated viewers as it was a proper match up for the championship. Patterson went home with the prize money and the glory while Jackson went home with a bloody nose.


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