The last Tripleheader

On October 2, 1920, the Cincinnati Reds took on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh as the two teams participated in baseball’s last triple-header.

The Reds pulled away with a 13-4 victory in game one. Ray Fisher was named the winning pitcher in a game lasting just over two hours.

Lynn Brenton took the win for the Reds in game two as they defeated the Pirates 7-3. The game lasted just under two hours.

The Pirates prevented a sweep by winning game three 6-0. Johnny Morrison let four hits slip through, but the Reds may have run out of steam since they were unable to capitalize. The game lasted one hour.

The three games took five hours to play. This was made possible because there were no commercial breaks or pitching changes to slow things down.

Tthe triple-header occurred because of a double-header planned for the Saturday and a rain out on Friday. Since it was the final week of the regular season, no make-up dates were available.

Both teams went on to play a game on Sunday. The Reds finished their season 82-71, while the Pirates finished 79-75. The third place Reds earned $10,744.14, and the fourth place Pirates were given nothing.

Thankfully, fans have not been forced to endure a triple-header since.


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