Cubs poach tigers in 1908

On October 14, 1908, the Chicago Cubs beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 in Detroit for the fifth and final game of the World Series, it was the last year the ‘lovable losers’ would win the title.

The Cubs got on the board in the first inning as Johnny Evers was driven home Frank Chance. Evers brought Johnny Kling home in the fifth. The Cubs accumulated 10 hits and the Tigers had three. Orval Overall took the win for the Cubs and Bill Donovan lost the game for the Tigers.

The Cubs came out victorious over the Tigers in the 1907 and 1908 World Series. The Tigers came back for revenge in 1935 and 1945. The Cubs have not been crowned champions since 1908 and failed to appear in the series since 1945.

While the Cubs have kept fans anticipating a World Series appearance and have come up dry every time. Generations have come and gone without seeing their pride and joy get within arms reach of being named champions.

Cubs fans, like many other contingents, thrive on superstitions. Curses are a favorite to Chicago’s north sliders. It started in 1945 with a billy goat not being allowed in the stands for a World Series game, a black cat was added in 1969 and a fan who put his hand out for foul ball in 2003.

This year, as most bears are finding places to hibernate, the ‘lovable losers’ found their way to the National League Championship Series. Lifelong fans are joined by bandwagoners as they cheer the team to victory time and time again with fingers crossed, rabbit foot in hand and horseshoe over the television in hopes to see the curse, or curses, get reversed.

As former Cubs announcer once said, “Any team can have a bad century.”

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