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On October 2, 1999, TV, the first television station launched by a professional sports league, was launched. TV is currently available in 39 countries including France, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey. The station provides 24-hour access to news, interviews, documentaries, behind the scenes access and feature programming.

The all-basketball-all-the-time brought new ways to engage fans. Insider coverage brought depth to the game while other programs focused on fantasy leagues and the game on an international scale. There was something for everyone.

Soon enough, baseball, hockey and football followed, making fan favorites more accessible and more human as viewers could see them in their natural habitat. The NBA theme station paved the way for the mainstream media and how the sporting world is conveyed to viewers.

The idea of having a 24/7 television network also started to benefit collegiate teams as conferences like Big10, SEC and PAC12 have stations dedicated to their teams and athletes.

While the coverage is outstanding, cable companies are finding opportunities to outbid the networks like NBC and FOX and monopolize games and timeslots. This makes viewing critical games impossible for fans who cannot afford a cable. While the bonus material is outstanding, things like playoff games should be kept to a regular network station. TV on Comcast


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