Titans get ramed in Super Bowl 

On January 30, 2000, Kurt Warner led the  St. Louis Ram’s to their first Super Bowl victory since 1951 with a 23-16 made-for-movies victory Tennessee Titans.

With 1:54 on the clock and the game was tied at 16 as Ram’s quarterback and MVP, Kurt Warner threw a 73-yard pass, connecting with Isaac Bruce for a touchdown.

Check out Warner’s performance, via NFL on YouTube


The Titan’s found themselves on their own 12-yard-line and one time out. The offence backed quarterback Steve McNair as they fought their way to the Ram’s 10 with six ticks left on the game clock.

Titans offensive coordinator Les Steckel and Rams defensive coordinator Peter Giunt were left to play the biggest chess match of their lives.

Tight end Frank Wycheck caught McNair’s pass at the five-yard-line and couldn’t take a second stride before being taken down by Rams linebacker Mike Jones.

Isaac Bruce scores for St. Louis and Mike Jones keeps the Rams on top.

Wycheck tried to reach the goal line with the clock still ticking down. In a move of desperation, rolled over and moved the ball to his left hand, but to no avail. The clock hit zero and the Rams were the champions.

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ESPN remembers the final plays of the game


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