A Bird flys to the rafters

On February 4, 1993, the Boston Celtics honored Larry Bird as his number, 33, was retired and lifted to the rafters.  

The 1998 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee was chosen in the first round of the 1978 NBA draft. He stayed with the team until his retirement at the conclusion of the 1991-92 season.

Video Source: NBA Countdown on YouTube
Bird was named Rookie of the Year in 1980. He played in 12 All-Star games and post seasons. With his help, the Celtics won the championship in ’81, ’84 and ’86.

Bird was given the opportunity to represent the United States in the Olympics ans was presented with the gold medal alongside the 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona.

Before joining the NBA, Bird played at Indiana State Sycamores where he was presented the Wooden Award in 1979 and named Consensus All-American in both ’78 and ’79.

Bird lead the team to the Championship game in ’79. The opponent, Michigan State, was led by Magic Johnson who carried the Spartans to victory.

The rivalry between the two remained prominent throughout their careers and was part of what made the sport popular among Americans in the 1980’s.

Video source: Matus Zdut on YouTube

The rivalry, however turned into a friendship when the Bird and Johnson co-stared in a commercial for Converse shoes.


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