Goulet’s 500th goal

On February 16, 1992, Chicago Blackhawk’s left winger Michel Goulet became the 17th NHL player to score 500 goals in the first period in a 5-5 tie with the Calgary Flames.

Goulet’s goal came on a first period breakaway in Chicago against Flames goaltender Jeff Reese.

Goulet was drafted in the first round by the Quebec Nordiques in 1979. He scored at least 20 goals in each season except his last, totaling 548 goals and 1,152 points.

In 1987, he represented the NHL in the Rendez-vous exhibition series against the Soviet All-Stars and helped team Canada defend the Canada Cup in a three game sweep over the rival USSR.

The Nordiques were struggling and needed to reduce player salaries trade veterans

His career came to an abrupt halt after being checked into the boards and suffering a severe concussion in a 1994 away game against the Montreal Canadiens .

Goulet never had the opportunity to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup. He was, however, inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame with the class of 1998.

Currently, the list of players to score 500 goals include 43 players. Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin joined the ranks last month.

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