Mt. Knight blows and throws chair

On February 23, 1985, Indiana Hoosiers head coach, Bob Knight was dealt a two shot technical foul five minutes into a match, causing him to throw a chair across the court and be ejected from the game.

Knight’s fit came after his Hoosiers received six fouls. His frustration with the referee’s started to show when Marty Simmons was fouled in what could have been called a jump ball.

The score was 11-6 in favor of Purdue.

The hot-headed coach blew his top after Daryl Thomas was giving his second foul of the night. He started screaming at the referee and was asked to go back to the bench. He did, but his mouth was still running, giving the official the opportunity to foul the coach.

Knight, outraged, stood up and used some colorful language. He proceeded to lean over, pick up his chair and throw it across the court. The tantrum was deemed a danger to all bystanders and lead officials to give a second technical.


The home crowd cheered, “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,” in support of their fearless leader.

While Indiana’s athletic director talked to game officials, trying sort things, the volcano blew again. Knight was dealt his third technical, causing him to be eject him from the game.

Video Source: ESPN Clasic via Jean-Sebastien Blondel

Before Purdue senior, Steve Reid stepped up to the line he scored 20 of 21 free throws for the season. He made his first two and missed three before making his last bucket.

Purdue took the win 72-63. Knight was given a one game suspension by the Big10 conference.

Knight was a March Madness regular with Indiana and Texas Tech. He lead the Hoosiers to eight regional championship titles, four final four appearances and three NCAA titles. His 28 year stand with NCAA basketball ended with the Texas Tech 2007-08 season.

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