Bo knows home runs

On April 9, 1993, Bo Jackson returned to baseball with the Chicago White Sox, hitting a home run in his first at bat at New Comiskey Park.

Jackson pinch-hit for White Sox left fielder Dan Pasqua and faced New York Yankees lefty Neal Heaton for his big at bat.

Jackson made his way around the bases in front of a sellout crowd of 42,775 on an artificial hip. It was his first homer since Sept. 21, 1991.

The artificial hip came after being tackled by linebacker Kevin Walker in a 1991 Oakland Raiders playoff victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. His hip subluxated resulting in stoppage of blood flow to the joint and caused a condition called avascular necrosis.

In 1985, Jackson won the Heisman Trophy as a running back at Auburn University.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers took him as the first overall draft pick in ’86. He was also drafted to play baseball by the Kansas City Royals the same year.

Jackson is known as the only player to be named an All Star in two different professional sports (MLB 1989 and NFL 1990). His final season in professional sports was with the California Angles in 1994.

Jackson’s multi-sport abilities were featured in a Nike cross-trainer ad campaign known as “Bo Knows” featuring music by Bo Diddly and well known athletes like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. looks back at Bo’s career


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