Art Ross Trophy recipient changed

On June 2, 1948, the National Hockey League announced the Art Ross trophy would go to the leagues highest scoring player instead of the most outstanding player.

Montreal Canadiens forward, Elmer Lach, who scored 61 points, was the first to be awarded with the repurposed Art Ross Trophy.


Although Art Ross is remembered as an early executive with the Boston Bruins, he is in the Hockey Hall of Fame as a player.

This season, Chicago Blackhawk forward, Patrick Kane became the first American player to be awarded with the Art Ross Trophy. He accumulated 106 points, consisting of 46 goals and 60 assists.

Players to receive the most Art Ross Trophies are Wayne Gretzky with 10, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux had six, and Phil Esposito and Jaromir Jagr with five.

Ross played defense with the National Hockey Association’s Haileybury, Ottawa and the Montreal Wanderers for eight seasons. The Wanderers joined the NHL in 1917-18 season. A fire destroyed their arena, causing the team to withdraw from the league. He retired as a player after only three games.

Ross became the inaugural coach of the Boston Bruins (1924-25). He helped lead the team to three Stanley Cups before becoming the general manager.

In 1945, the Hockey Hall of Fame named its twelve chartered honourees, and Art Ross was one of them.




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