Rose Fights for team’s honor

On October 8, 1973, Cincinnati Reds utility player, Pete Rose and New York Mets infielder Bud Harrelson started a bench clearing brawl in game three of the National League Conference Series.

Harrelson insulted the opponents by saying, “the Reds looked like me hitting.”

Harrelson was  threatened by the Reds players. Rose had his chance when he was forced out at second, where his target was playing. Rose tried to break up what became a double play and is accused of elbowing Harelson.

“That was a cheap (bleeping) shot,” Harrelson noted.

“What did you say?” Rose asked.

Harrelson repeated his assessment.

Rose stood up and the pair started fighting. Both teams cleared the benches and started to brawl.

Video source: CourtsideTweets on YouTube

Reds reliever Pedro Borbon took on Mets pitcher Buzz Capra. Borbon accidentally picked up a blue cap and put it on when order was restored. A teammate brought the mistake to his attention and instead of giving it back to its owner, he put it in his mouth.

Rowdy New York fans settled down when they realized the home team was in danger of forfeiting the game. game ended with the Mets taking a 9-2 victory at Shea Stadium.

Rose would not play in Shea Stadium’s outfield without getting an earful from Mets fans and Harrelson became a local hero.

A few months after the brawl the pair posed for a picture featuring Rose holding a boxing glove to Harrelson’s face. The gloves were donated to the Make a Wish Foundation and auctioned for $450.

Six years later, they became teammates with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Fox Sports recalls the brawl

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