World Series #1

On October 13, 1903, the Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0 in game eight of the first World Series.

Bill Dinneen won the game for the Americans at the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds in Boston. Deacon Phillippe was credited with the Pirates loss. Runs were scored by right fielder Buck Freeman, shortstop Freddy Parent and first baseman Candy LaChance.

The World Series was a best-of-9 match up in 1903 and 1919-’21. All other years a team would need to win four game in a best-of-7 series.

Many teams have been granted their own dynasty. The New York Yankees never seem to miss a postseason, except this year.

The Yankees played in 51 separate postseasons. They have won 27 World Series wins of the 40 they appeared in. The Braves have the second most appearances with 34 between Milwaukee and Atlanta. The New York and Los Angeles Dodgers combined for third most with 30.

Other teams like the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs went through generations without winning a championship. The Red Sox ended their World Series drought in 2004.

The Cubs have not been in the World Series since 1945 and last won the championship in 1908. On Saturday, they will face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

The Cubs are currently four games away from going to the World Series and eight from winning it all.

The World Series is somewhat unfamiliar to Canadian fans. The Toronto Blue Jays were the first Canadian team to win the championship when they took back to back wins 2002 and ’03. The Montreal Expos never won the championship and were moved to Washington DC where they became the Nationals in 2004.

The World Series is eyed by many but reached by few. It is, baseball’s promised land. While it has seen its fair share of scandals, it is still a test for each team in their journey through the regular season and through the postseason.



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